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Finding the right photogrpher for you is as important as finding the right clothing!   I have had the pleasure

to work with many photogrphers.  Below is a list of many incredible photographers.  Click to access their

websites and peruse their work.  I guarantee you will find one that is right for you!

Julie Daniels Photography



Whether your session takes place in optimum natural light or in a studio environment, Julie weaves together a blend of clever composition, high end portrait lensing and intelligent post-processing to create images that strive to define the way you see yourself on your very best days.

Click Here

Sharlet Fouse


  • I am a mother of a very special, little Magic Bean 

  • I'm a high school teacher by day; photographer by evening/weekend (I don't change in phone booths like Clark Kent, though, unless absolutely necessary).

  • I have always had a love for photography (I still have my first camera - a gift for graduating Kindergarten.

  • I especially love photographing children because, in a nutshell, they are awesome!

  • HUGE fan of happy face emoticons :)

Tamara Tihanyi

is a Los Angeles based children photographer specializing in advertising, modeling and acting photos.
She is recommended by the top Los Angeles children's agencies and helped many kids to get direct bookings, better auditions and/or to get into a better agency. 
Some of the companies her clients have booked straight of their photos (without having to go to an audition) are Hugo Boss, GAP, Old Navy, Ralph Lauren, Guess, Nordstrom, Target, Disney, Abercrombie Kids and Tea Collection just to name a few.

To check out her portfolio and to book a session please visit her website at

 Makeup & Hair




I adore beauty. I see it everyday in the eyes of my children and the heart of my husband, I'm certain is from the inside, and is far more precious and long lasting than blush and foundation. I'm passionate about bringing your inner beauty to the surface and letting you radiate through those brilliant eyes, high cheekbones, or gorgeous lips.


I'm happy with me, love meeting new faces, never stop learning, and adore makeup.


Stormi Yates, Beauty Artist & Owner


Media Services


Click Here 


Hi! I'm Mariam,


wife, mom of 2, and professional Photoshopper. :)


I have been Photoshopping for over a decade, and I'd love to work with your photos!


I offer photo retouching, comp card and reel making, and video retrieval services.


Check out my work at

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