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Happy clients share their stories - read all about it  

"Chris has incredible taste and a keen eye for catchy looks. I HIGHLY recommend her services."


-Katie Taylor - Casting Director

“Chris Thompson is unbelievable at styling kids and adults! She has already  helped me with 2 looks my agent said I was missing and I have used her for my kids too!


-Laura Barnhart - Actress

“Chris is amazing at putting together distinctive outfits for any look!  Whether for headshots or for a specific audition, she knocks it out of the park every time!


-Mariam Way - Momager

When it comes to styling, Chris definitely knows what she is doing! I love that each styling session has its own unique feel and that her clients look so well put together. Chris is a pleasure to work with, and I can always count on her to wow me with her styling ideas.


-Sharlet Fouse - Photgrapher

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